How To Use

How To Use Synthol Alternative – Synthobolic

Follow This Regimen For Best Results

*Before Beginning, Consider These 2 Pro Tips

*Pro Tip #1 Spend a Good 3-5 Minutes Massaging Each Muscle After Synthobolic Is Applied.

*Pro Tip #2 Workout Immediately After You Complete The Muscle Massaging and Stretching.

Competing Bodybuilders Should Apply Synthobolic Synthol Alternative As Follows

Week 1 : 1 ml per muscle, 3 times a week (Monday,Wednesday,Friday)

Week 2 : 2 ml per muscle. 3 times a week (Monday,Wednesday,Friday)

Week 3 : 2 ml per muscle. 3 times a week (Monday,Wednesday,Friday)

Week 4 : 3 ml per muscle 3 times a week (Monday,Wednesday,Friday)

Weeks 5 & 6 : Discontinue Use for 2 Weeks.

Week 7 : RESTART. Regimen repeated if further improvements desired.

Stop Use The Day Before Your Competition.

Advanced Regimen for Professional Bodybuilders

This is the fastest way to speed up muscle recovery and maximize muscle growth.

1 ml per muscle head every day for 10 days

2 ml per muscle head every day for 10 days

3 ml per muscle head every day for 10 days

*This completes a 30 Day Cycle. Discontinue Use for 2 weeks. While, if Further Gains Desired, Go to The Standard Regimen.

Muscle Enhancers General Tips and Advice

You have to massage the area where Synthobolic is used, thoroughly and intensely. The muscle should always be smooth. Because you should NEVER have a lump or knot in it.

It’s also a good idea to use just before going to the gym. However, as soon as you get to the gym, you should make a slight couple sets high reps for muscle, to get the blood moving. Because again, this also will maximize muscle formation.

*Remember, follow the protocols, massage the muscle thoroughly, and be sure to get to the gym within the next few hours after applying – GUARANTEED SATISFACTION !