Synthobolic Synthol

Created in June 2010 as the end all to find the best Synthol ever produced.

Then in September Synthobolic Pro was created as a more potent formula

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As new Advances and Technology in chemistry is developed,so SwessPharma uses those to Discontinue Synthobolic Pro in Dec 2010,and developed an even more powerful and effective formula far superior than any Synthol Pump and Pose ever created worldwide.

Gains using Synthobolic Extreme Synthol of 3-4 inches Minimum the first month of use GUARANTEED if used properly.

Introducing Synthobolic Extreme Synthol

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PumPed Pro-Anabolic Synthol

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SYNTHOBOLIC EXTREME IS the only real lab certified true pharmaceutical grade Synthol , manufactured and formulated by the inventor and creator of Synthobolic,Swess Pharma Labs ,if you bottle does not say Synthobolic Extreme, then it is 100% Fake and should not be trusted.If you have bought Synthobolic synthol and it does not state SwessPharma Labs on the bottle then it is 100% fake Synthol and you should return it to wherever you have purchased it and demand your money back!

Synthobolic Extreme and Pumped Synthol are the Only Pharmaceutical Grade Synthol Posing oils On the market today.